Art of Coco Bonsai

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coco bonsai



Coco Bonsai

Coco Bonsai – is a stunning  and unique  form of the coconut tree in a pot plant that one of some useful explored from the coconut tree………

Using bonsai’s method and research, the Coco Bonsai has created to be an ornamental pot plant.  In fact the bonsai need long time period to be a real bonsai tree and has an attractive form, the coco bonsai need only less than a year to make it to be an attractive pot plant.  The unique and ‘eye-catching’ form is the ball of coco shell  and the main roots that appear on the top of soils, looks like an insect creature…..

The “Coco Bonsai” is stunning for interior or exterior ornament plant for house, office, hotel, restaurant, hospital or in any place.  This also nice for a gift, present or souvenirs in the green era  world campaign.

Art of Coco Bonsai

Take care of the coco bonsai

There is an easy-way to take care of the “Coco Bonsai” and regularly maintain as same as pot plant. The “Coco Bonsai” need only small water with some general fertilizers and little bit of sun light in the morning or evening. Easy to find tools such as cutter, small scissors, sprayer, teeth brush and cotton buds.  Cutting leaf needed for the old and dried leaf that would become its trunk,  use cutter and small scissors should be carefully to do that otherwise would be change the whole form of “Coco Bonsai”.  Teeth brush and cotton buds is using for cleaning the ball of shell, roots and leafs.  Watering the leafs and soils using sprayer in every morning and evening if the weather too hot or every two days in rainy season.

Interior ornament pot plant

The “Coco Bonsai” is easy to maintain and take care of, need only small water, sun light and fertilizer to grows. The attractive and unique form has made “Coco Bonsai” nice to put on the table as ornament life plant in the guess room, bed room, dinning room, lobby or office room. Tropical view appears when there is a Coco Bonsai has taken a look…


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